About Me

I am a well balanced print and web designer with over 6 years of experience. I have worked with design agencies, small businesses, non-profits and City government, which has given me a diverse portfolio. I enjoy many different types of design and I am always searching out new trends and techniques to help me grow.

I also have over 10 years of experience with illustration, working my way up from the humble roots of stick figures with the help of gumption and formal training. I completed my Associates in Multimedia Design along with several certifications in web development and print work, while working for the City of Kirkland. I am lucky to now have a large body of work that is highly visible.

On a personal note, I am a mom to 2 amazing little boys who constantly inspire me and keep me connected to the world of kidlit art.

You can find me at one of the many art & comic conventions the PNW holds annually, including the following:
Emerald City Comicon
Rose City Comicon
Jet City Comicon
Bellingham Comicon

Feel free to contact me!